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Benefits of Testosterone

Benefits Of Testosterone There are numerous benefits of testosterone. It is the parent male hormone and does a plethora of different things in the body to improve you. Although it and it’s metabolite DHT are critical for sexual maturation and development of a male human from a female prototype starting as a fetus, we will narrow our discussion to fully grown adult humans, the population who should be considering testosterone supplementation. Medical Society Medical society was all up in arms against testosterone and ‘steroids’ during the 1980’s after the baseball craze. Like Marijuana in the early part of the 20th...

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Pre-Workout Meals

By Todd Lee M.D. Who am I? Click here for my Bio! NEED HELP? GET A PHONE CONSULTATION OR COACHING!   Pre Workout Meals For decades it’s been know that peri workout nutrition or the food you consume around your workout are the most important meals of the day.  Many focus on the post workout meal and try to load up on fast carbs and fast protein during the anabolic window (click the link to learn how this works) but I’m going to focus on pre workout meals.     The first thing you have to consider is if you're using a pre workout drink.  Most...

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