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Wrath of the Valkyrie - Fat Burner Caps

Wrath of the Valkyrie - Fat Burner Caps

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Wrath of the Valkyrie

NEXT GEN! Fat Incinerating System - WITH T2

Wrath of the Valkyrie is Valhalla Labs new fat burner product and it is most effective and powerful fat burning system to ever hit the market!

Most people don't believe that fat burners work. And they shouldn’t, because most of them are overdosed with stimulants and offer little else. Taking excessive synthetic adrenal compounds will breakdown muscle and have an atrocious impact on the mind. This is unfortunately the “Industry Standard” for fat loss supplements. Using a one, two punch system and try to brute force (not finesse) the fat off. Your mind and muscle be damned!


We are using an integrated combination of ingredients with CLINICAL DOSES. Wrath of the Valkyrie uses a much more sophisticated approach to a fat burner. Valhalla Labs has created something entirely new in the realm of fat burning supplements.

Here’s how it works:


The main problem all people face when attempting to lose fat is our metabolism. When reducing calories, the body’s metabolism slows down to match the calories out, to the calories in. This typically takes place within 100 hours. That’s about 4 days of either decreasing your calories or increasing your cardio. Your body does this by slowing your thyroid hormone output. Wrath of the Valkyrie capsules have an ingredient to help combat this problem: T2 Diiodotyrosine.

T2 - Diiodotyrosine is a smaller molecule than T3 or T4.  It works differently on the mitochondria to increase the amount of fat the mitochondria burns.  Now T2 is by no means the only ingredient in the Wrath of the Valkyrie capsules. It’s mentioned first because it is such an incredible fat burner.

A LOT of other companies put very powerful stimulants in their products which burn fat and make you an anxious, jittery, emotional mess, and burn muscle as well as potentially create an addiction. Certain stimulants, in the right doses (not overdosed), will optimize adrenaline in a safe way to facilitate fat loss. Synephrine is a naturally occurring Beta 3 agonist which is found in orange peels. When Stacked with Nanagarin and hesperidin, studies show that its 4 times as effective.


Stage one is complete; we used a multiphasic approach to liberate the fat from the fat cells and choosing WHICH areas on your body to lose fat from. But just getting the fat out of the fat cells is just the beginning. The fat needs to get into the mitochondria, then be converted by the Mitochondria into energy or heat.  


L-Carnitine L- Tartrate is found in many Valhalla labs products. Studies have shown that it increases androgen receptor density  ( ) and is effective for transporting fat into the mitochondria sparing glycogen ( ), Because we need the glycogen to preserve muscle! Therefore, it is in Thor’s Hammer combo pack and Fenris’ Fury respectively, and in Wrath of the Valkyrie capsules.

Additionally, there is a clinical dose of HMB to help preserve muscle.  Although some people may not care about preserving muscle, losing muscle means PERMANENTLY losing metabolism, and is the #1 reason people gain all the weight back after fat loss.  Using L-Carnitine to preserve the glycogen and HMB to preserve muscle means we don't permanently cripple your metabolism.


So, Stage 2 is complete - get the Fat into the mitochondria.  Stage 3 is the most exciting!

On top of the countless studies on caffeine and how awesome it is for exercise endurance and strength output and metabolism, it also functions to speed up the mitochondria. Teacrine is like caffeine, but unlike caffeine a person DOES NOT BUILD A TOLERANCE so if someone is getting great results with a half dose of Wrath of the Valkyrie, 2 capsules, they won't eventually need more. Additionally, studies show that It helps fight against pain like Ibuprofen without the intestinal micro tears and kidney damage!

 * very similar only a Ketone and a methyl group different!

According to this study, Like Milk thistle, Teacrine will protect your liver from damage, but NOT block the androgen receptor like Milk Thistle.

These 3 factors mean Teacrine is Ideal for the enhanced and natural athlete alike!! Even better than Caffeine! These 2 compounds speed the mitochondria function and thus help use the fat which was liberated from the fat cells to make energy we use for exercise!

The next ingredient that is part of stage 3 is Green Coffee. Green Coffee contains Cholinergic acid (The same effective compound in green tea). Green coffee is digested better than green tea and is the best option! It’s very rich (approx. 50%) in the active ingredient, Cholinergic acid. Clinical studies found an over 8 LB reduction in body fat over the control group in a 12-week study using just this ingredient. Wrath of the Valkyrie capsules use the correct clinical dose. Additionally, a study showed that the same dose of Green Coffee Extract lowered systolic and diastolic BP by 8%; And blood glucose by 7%!!


Taking advantage of the natural adrenaline release which makes working out to burn fat effective, a clinical dose of capsaicin is included 150 mg


1) Hesperidin also is a PDE4 inhibitor and an aromatase inhibitor. Studies show that it helps with erections like Viagra or Cialis and it inhibits production of estrogen, the hormone most responsible for food cravings (women’s genitals respond the same as males to Viagra and other PDE inhibitors.)

2) it's a serotonin agonist, and has antidepressant effects. One of the hardest parts of dieting is loss of serotonin and the resultant impotence and depression.

3) Pain killing effects at the mu opioid receptor, same receptor as morphine!

4) increases eNOS (endothelial Nitric oxide synthase) Thus it dilates blood vessels 2 ways! And it Neuro protection against NO reperfusion injury, so it prevents the only side effect of Nitric Oxide

5) Antidepressant effects through κ-opioid receptor, that is two means of anti-depression.

6) Decreases probability of atherosclerosis, increase HDL in very bad cases and decreases LDL in equally bad cases.

7) Decreases high blood pressure by 8 mmhg but no effect on normal blood pressure.

8) High triglycerides are reduced, no effect on normal levels. for the full rundown on Hesperidin


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