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Sleep: Metabolism

Sleep Metabolism In Chapter 1 I discussed in a cursory glance, the grandeur and mystery of dreams as the mind plunges into the unadulterated subconscious.  This chapter will focus on the endocrinology and metabolism of your body while your conscious mind is gone, playing in Arcadia.   Metabolism While You’re Awake After about 4 hours without a carbohydrate containing meal, your insulin levels begin to drop and glucagon starts to be released by your alpha cells in your pancreas.  Glucagon will break down glycogen in your liver and this will be used to make carbohydrates for your body and brain to function....

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How to Increase Testosterone

Why Increase Testosterone? Testosterone is easily one of the most talked about hormones of the 21st century. All across America, middle aged men are being prescribed medication to increase testosterone levels. Why? Because Testosterone is the primary male hormone, it’s critical for survival and in general, being a man. There are a plethora of benefits to increasing your testosterone and enough for a separate article, but to name just a few: Increased lifespan Increased physical attractiveness Increased sexual functioning Increased sex drive Increased muscle mass Increased strength Decreased whining Decreased body fat Two Ways to Increase Your Testosterone: Exogenous and...

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Sleep: A Comprehensive Guide - The Dreaming

By Todd Lee M.D.   Sleep is extremely important for a number of reasons.  I will try to give you some of the most important parts geared towards this audience but I promise I won't completely capture all its majesty.   Before I was a bodybuilder, before I was a powerlifter, before I practiced medicine and before I was training for neurosurgery, I was in grad school trying to develop new drugs to enhance memory, sleep, and alter the mind. This is a neuroscience article and is more focused on the Mind than it is the body….or is it? My father...

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Avoid Gall Bladder Dysfunction - Gallbladder Stone Treatments

  Unfortunately there isn't a lot of great remedies for Gall Stones. Cholecystectomy or removing the gallbladder is the standard of care, which is frighteningly barbaric. The reasoning is you don't need it. But without it, you will just have diarrhea every time you have a fatty meal.  Why? The Gallbladder stores bile which is made by your liver. It then squeezes the bile through a bile duct to your pancreas, which then releases it into your small intestine (duodenum) when you have a fatty meal and the stomach is done churning the food. Without that bile you really can't...

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Most Important Information on Fat Loss

Thermodynamics of BodyBuilding Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be transferred, altered and converted to energy but nothing materializes or disappears from, or into, thin air. On a daily basis I get the text, "I just gained two pounds over night, I'm so fat. It's because I had a pretzel I bet." In order to really gain two pounds of fat overnight you would have had to absorb, not just consume, 7000 calories more than usual and not have had your metabolism speed up with this caloric onslaught. I'm not good at everything, but I am good...

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