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Battle (noun)  

  1. Glorious combat a Viking would live for; The only way into Valhalla!
  2. What you do in the gym; Wage war against the Iron Warrior who walked in wearing your skin, with the weights as weapons to beat that man into tomorrow. And in victory, comes back even stronger!

Mead (noun)

        The drink of the gods, mixture of wine and honey.

Dr. Todd Lee M.D., Iron Alchemist of Valhalla-Labs, concocted this to make his body survive countless workouts, many of which drew blood. Three years in the making, this is Dr. Lee’s Magnum Opus. The one he loves more than life itself! So enjoy, imbibe, and let the screaming and chalk fly, for TO VALHALLA WE RIDE!!!







 *More may be of use depending on total daily intake and diet/goals 

**disregard if diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus of any type.


A typical BCAA mix does you no good… Taking the right quantities of specific Amino Acids (and some other ingredients), at the proper time in your workout is what makes BATTLE MEAD the HOLY GRAIL of supplements!

BATTLE MEAD is so much more than amino acids. However, to understand all the intricacies, one would have to understand muscle synthesis, fuel types and a plethora of other material covered in these articles (click on the links for the most cutting edge biochem in bodybuilding) 


Here’s the short version...


Glucose Disposal agents

Isoleucine, R ALA, cinnamon, Vanadyl Sulfate, and Chromium are included in BATTLE MEAD, and are intended to work together for the purpose of maximizing the muscle swelling effects of insulin without actually USING insulin. Studies have shown Insulin causes fat loss to stop. Having a large quantity of carbohydrates intra workout (like many of the other intra products) will generate an insulin spike, and thus stop fat burning! And START FAT STORING!!

As insulin rises it drives carbs into fat cells and away from muscle cells! People with higher than 15% body fat suffer this effect the most.  For this reason, I used minimal carbohydrate fuel sources into the Battle Mead Intra along with:

  • R-ala which studies indicate clear carbs from the bloodstream into muscle without insulin activation presumably through the glut4 transporter facilitating increased muscle synthesis.
  • Cinnamon, which studies show, drives glute transporter expression in the cell up to the surface of the cell
  • Chromium P, which studies show, helps the insulin receptors migrate across the cell to find available insulin thus upregulation of glut4 expression
  • Vanadyl sulfate, which studies show, helps feed carbs into the muscle and liver to facilitate liver glycogen synthesis at rest.
  • Studies show that Isoleucine when taken intra workout WITHOUT leucine results in more upregulation of carbs going into the muscle cell likely through glut4 transporter activation.

Putting aside all the technical clinical study jargon… The research shows that these ingredients clear glucose (blood sugar, which originates from dietary carbs’) into the muscle cell. The compiled data from an array of NCBI clinical studies backs the theoretical premise that: While you take Battle Mead Mid Workout, the sophisticated blend of ingredients should cause more blood to pump into your muscles and remain there; Resulting in a greater delivery of the nutrients from the food eaten that day, into the muscle cells.


Cell Volumization (Pump) Matrix

Taurine and Creatine have also been added to help prevent muscle cramping and increase reps in the range of 6-10. Thus, your body should produce more MGF - Depending on how hard you train! With more MGF, more muscle growth can happen mid workout. Creatine is one of the only ingredients which is proven to cause muscle cell splitting. When the cells get so swole with nutrients and water from increased blood flow they divide into fresh cells with the help of the extra nuclei donated from the satellite cells thanks to the MGF.  This means you can grow NEW muscle! 

Glycerol and Dextrose in a 2:1 ratio is used in several other Brand’s mid workout products, and it’s almost always way under dosed! - Typically, 2 grams or less per serving. Some companies have even made some modifications to this and gave it a ‘special’ name and paid for a patent. Battle Mead contains roughly 4 times the typical 2 grams of Glycerol/Dextrose blend. This should create a dramatic increase in swelling the cell thanks to the glucose disposal agents. Blowing every other mid workout to pieces! And optimizing the effect of creatine on cell splitting!

Creating a formula like this has not been an easy task. It took three years of work to create a product that can cause water and nutrients to flood the cell. We use a blend of electrolytes (from sea salt) almost identical to human blood plasma concentrations to better facilitate water going into the cell, instead of expelling it in sweat and/or urine. And the electrolytes are intended to help you get a better muscle contraction and to stave off cramping.

Next Level Sorcery

Below are some, but not all, of the ways Battle Mead optimizes the ingredients found in other Valhalla Labs Products, or your balanced healthy diet. 

Including Vanadyl Sulfate in Battle Mead the intended result is to transport some carbs  to the liver. Fructose components of daily carbs  may distract the liver and thus allow the non fructose carbs to slip by unnoticed to the muscle cell. Theoretically, think of Vanadyl as throwing peanut butter to a guard dog (and the fructose as the peanut butter).  The guard dog (liver) can't bark! So, the dextrose (you and other burglars) can slip by without the alarm being sounded (sleepy time). 

And research shows that this binding can cause the liver to make IGF-1. Studies also have shown that Betaine (Found in Fenris Fury Preworkout) when combined with the Vanadyl Sulfate/carbohydrate combination should take IGF-1 production and binding to an incredible level!

And if you are training like an actual athlete!!!.... The MGF stated earlier has set the stage for cell splitting with nucleus donation from satellite cells. Consider the potential for increased IGF-1 to swell the cells even more!

There is also a heavy dose of Glutamine in Battle Mead. Research has shown that taking glutamine while training and post workout helps to prevent muscle burning, thus sparing the Amino acids and carbohydrates for cell growth, not fuel!

All this coupled with the increase in testosterone receptor density from the L-Carnitine and increased testosterone from Thor’s Hammer (men only - you should be taking this!). The time for intense training and insane muscle growth is NOW!


**We have a tendency to sell out of products faster than we can make it. If you want to use this every time you train (recommended), we suggest you stock up! 

Disclaimer - Battle Mead Intra product is a collection of ingredients that are intended to work as a system synergistically with other Valhalla Labs products. While there is plenty of research on the individual ingredients in Battle Mead, there has not been any clinical research on the product itself. Therefore, all statements made in this description are theoretical and legally are not to be understood as a claim. Also, it must be stated that to get the most from this product, you must train hard!!! The application of biochemistry and exercise physiology used in creating Battle Mead includes biochemical responses to hard training. The ENTIRE POINT is to supply the muscles with more nutrients for harder training and to get better post training response for muscle growth and fat burning. So if you WANT TO GET GROW MUSCLE and BURN FAT….. Read the entire article!

**Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All success is 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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