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Sea Salt

I prescribe the use of Celtic Sea Salt and this is one of the things people give me the hardest time about.  They think that salt is bad. It is difficult to change their minds because faulty science and misunderstanding of the word salt has plagued humanity with ignorance. All thanks to the government and the media that work together to dumb things down to the point of inaccuracy.


A salt is two or more atoms bound together with an ionic bond.  

Table Salt

This is NaCl, a Na+ and a Cl- bound together to make a stable neutral salt.   When people hear the word SALT they are referring to NaCl (Sodium Chloride).

Salt And Your Health

Many people think Sodium (Na+) is bad, that it causes heart disease.  This isn't exactly true. Na+ is an extracellular electrolyte. It floats in the extracellular fluid that is outside (extra) the cell (cellular).  Wherever electrolytes go, water goes.

So having more sodium than your kidneys can handle will cause your body to bloat with water. One of these extracellular compartments is your vascular system.  

Thus, too much Na+ will result in higher blood pressure. This higher blood pressure will eventually damage the glomerulus of the nephron and result in permanent kidney damage. If your creatinine is over 1.0 then your glomerular filtration rate (GFR) gets worse, indicating chronic kidney failure. Now that the kidneys are damaged,  they cannot clear sodium well and the problem gets worse.

Western Medicine And The Media’s Answer

For decades, one of many incorrect pieces of advice the public believe, along the lines of witches float and sneezing causes evil spirits to fly up your nose, is that if you don't have any sodium at all it's good for you.  The truth is, a lack of sodium causes the adrenal gland to release a larger amount of aldosterone and a complex process occurs which results in you storing all the sodium you do consume. When this “Health Conscious” person does eat processed food or someone else's cooking, they have a flare up of fluid overload and if their kidneys are bad enough they get congestive heart failure.

The studies show that low or no sodium diets have little to no benefit in the increased lifespan of the individual or their quality of life.

Celtic Sea Salt

 he rarest thing is common sense.  We came out of the sea and thus our internal water is actually very similar to seawater. Doesn't it make sense that along with water every day we have sea salt? Sea salt is not 60% Na+ and 40% Cl- like table salt, it is a mixture of every electrolyte and mineral that our body needs and is much lower in sodium.  Unlike table salt that draws water out of your cells and increases your blood pressure, sea salt drives water into the cells as many of its electrolytes like potassium (K+), Magnesium (Mg++) and Calcium (Ca++) are intracellular not extracellular, and as they are shuttled across the cell membrane into the cell, they drag water with it. This means less extracellular fluid and lower blood pressure.  

These electrolytes are necessary for all cellular functions, most importantly muscle contraction and growth.  This means switching from table salt to sea salt will make you look more muscular and less fat and will increase strength, the rate in which you grow new muscle and the rate you burn fat.  

Other benefits:

  • Improved immune system
  • Decreased allergies
  • Alkalinization of the blood; table salt acidifies the blood
  • Since it drives water into the cells, it prevents muscle cramps

Seriously, every single thing is improved because you're making every cell in your body run more efficiently.

The word Celtic is a reference to the location the salt in which it is farmed from, which is from Northern France. In theory, this is the best of all the sea salts, the process has not changed in 2,000 years and it retains all 82 essentials.

Not a day goes by where someone doesn't say, “I can't find it.”  It took me all of 4 seconds to type Celtic Sea Salt into google and voila!3 different companies sell it.  Do people actually drive to a store and walk up and down aisles looking for things? It's 2015, not 1915. You're using a computer to read this!

You would have to be a fool not to switch after reading this. But society is abundant in fools, so leave the other sheeple behind and be a leader, switch to Celtic Sea Salt.

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