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Best Pre-Workout 2021

What qualities do you think embody the best pre workout supplement?  Energy? Focus? Fat burning? Increased strength? Increased pumps? Increased vascularity?

What if there was an entire ‘CRITICAL’ sub category of effects that could be in your pre workout but isn't?

What if I told you there is a new style of pre workout which may help to increase the amount of muscle building hormones your body NATURALLY produces and releases while you train; and also may help increase the quantity of RECEPTORS for the anabolics and peptides that your body naturally produces?

I couldn’t ignore that there are aspects of an athlete’s biochemistry that are being completely ignored in mainstream supplements. Therefore I’ve created a new pre workout formulation with the intention of drawing out as much potential that the user’s body contains! This new pre workout doesn't skimp on the main ingredients for pump, vascularity, focus or endurance... it actually has MORE of the INGREDIENTS you WANT than you are finding in the main the leading brands! And it also contains ingredients that may allow your prohormones, juice, and/or peptides to be more effective! This new pre workout drink is Fenris Fury!

 Fenris Fury! The new way to get the best possible workout!  All the ingredients of the standard Pre, But a new class of hormone optimization ingredients

Fenris Fury has the arginine and citrulline that convert to Nitric Oxide (NO-), but they also has agmatine sulfate which increases the body's ABILITY to make NO- from arginine and citrulline. Most brands have trace amount of one or two of these NO- products; Valhalla Lab’s products have all three! Beet Root is AMAZING for pump! It should be in every pre workout but most of the main brands don’t include it. Both Valhalla Lab’s pre workout formulations contain a hefty portion of Beet Root extract. 

Beta Alanine is in every pre workout. It converts lactate back to pyruvate for an additional ATP. This means you might get a couple extra reps out of each set over 10 reps. Most brands load up on this because it makes your skin tingle.  This makes people think that it’s “working”, but more isn't necessarily more effective.

Caffeine and other stimulants are also used to give the user the sensation that the product is “working” which makes people aggressive and gives the sensation of being high. But most of the time it doesn't make for better workouts! The NO- ingredients are what make for the better workout.  Some stimulants tend to cause muscle LOSS. Caffeine and yohimbine are exceptions to this loss.


The weights will Fear YOU if you dare unleash the Fury of Fenris on them!

Now the special ingredients: Maurus Alba and Kudzu along with Agmatine sulfate may cause your pituitary gland to release growth hormone while you train! This is amplified by the arginine in Fenris Fury

Extra growth hormone will help you burn fat. The L-carnitine and the Yohimbine HCl ingredients may also facilitate fat loss. When coupled with Thor’s Hammer in the morning, the combination is frighteningly powerful!

Try something new that actually works better! Don’t be deceived by a 60 second tingling sensation. Buy the BEST new Pre Workout on the market Here!

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