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Keto Diet: Hardest Diet Ever!

By Todd Lee M.D.     Want to have endless energy?  Lose fat while preserving muscle?  Improve a plethora of bodily functions?  Put your cancer in remission? Shoot laser beams out of your eyes? Well, maybe not the last part, but the ketogenic or Keto diet has some pretty amazing benefits.   Ready For The Most Extreme Diet Challenge? This is the black belt level diet. It’s the willpower equivalent of breaking cinder blocks with your face; brutal, painful, but If you can do this have your middle name changed to Bad Ass!   The Key Ideas The Keto diet...

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Bodybuilding on a Liquid Diet?

It's a running joke about guys who blend all their food. Chicken and Rice in a blender? Gross! That's what I hear all the time. But, I've refined the process to be less gross. Promise. If you give me a bit of your time I can help all the hard gainers put on size. Since the biggest limiting factor to how big you can get is how much can you eat! And the downfall of getting " too big" is really just getting a big abdomen. And a big abdomen is usualy from the massive amount of slowly digesting food...

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Anabolic Window

anabolic window nutrient timing nutrition post workout meal

Bro Lore There is bro lore aplenty about how to be a bodybuilder. Most of it is holdovers from the 1970’s and before, but a lot of the modern bro lore sounds like science and is a pseudo scientific way to market young people. The reason the IFBB pros today are so much bigger than before is training, supplementation, and nutrition have been refined and improved upon in the past 50 years.  Obviously it has, but some of it is just marketing to sell people crap. Shit Load of Shakes One the most inconvenient things about bodybuilding is you have...

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