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What Is Arginine and How Does It Work?

What Is Arginine and How Does It Work? Arginine (L-Arginine) is an amino acid. Arginine Benefits athletes in a number of ways. It is one of the 20+ core amino acids that protein is made from. In the supplement industry however, when people converse about arginine benefits, what they are talking about is Nitric Oxide (NO-). Nitric Oxide is what makes the blood vessels called capillaries open up and allow blood to flow into the working muscle. There are many versions of L-Arginine on the market today, all of which work off the same basic mechanism: Athletes consumes Arginine of...

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L-Glutamine: Better Than Leucine?

Glutamine Everyone has heard that Glutamine and the Branch Chain Amino Acids are very important for muscle building in general but it’s confusing to understand where the L- glutamine benefits differentiate from the BCAA benefits. Some commonly held beliefs about our friends: Glutamine is very important, one of the big 5 amino acids Glutamine is used by the immune system, it’s a great idea to take if you're exposed to harsh     weather after a workout or you're around a lot of germs Glutamine is supposed to make up 50% of skeletal muscle and is a very important fuel source just like leucine once carbs run out...

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Why D-Aspartic Acid Cycling Is Necessary!

Bad Science There was a terrible study done in the J Int Soc Sports Nutr. That stated in their conclusion that D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) does not cause an increase in testosterone at doses of 3 g per day and in fact causes a DECREASE in testosterone at 6 g a day. This is False! What the researchers did wrong is they did not cycle the DAA. In previous studies ( they found a profound (up to 40%) increase in testosterone in men at the 6 day mark, and the benefits continued for days after treatment was completed even after 12 days! The body produces...

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Best Pre-Workout 2021

What qualities do you think embody the best pre workout supplement?  Energy? Focus? Fat burning? Increased strength? Increased pumps? Increased vascularity? What if there was an entire ‘CRITICAL’ sub category of effects that could be in your pre workout but isn't? What if I told you there is a new style of pre workout which may help to increase the amount of muscle building hormones your body NATURALLY produces and releases while you train; and also may help increase the quantity of RECEPTORS for the anabolics and peptides that your body naturally produces? I couldn’t ignore that there are aspects...

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BPC-157: Wolverine Like Healing

  By Todd Lee M.D. IFBB Pro Which Star Wars Movie was BPC-157 In Again? A medication was developed which is derived from human gastric juices. This amazing protein, BPC-157, is perhaps one of the greatest advancements in modern medicine I have seen in my life.  It was developed to help with gastric ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease. But it does so much more! It can increase the healing of intestinal resectioning and reattach tendon to muscle and bone.  It's so unbelievable I'm taking direct quotes from the achilles tendon article: “Tendon to bone could not be healed spontaneously, but...

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