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Deload Week

Deload Week Training Workout

The Deload Week What’s a deload week?  A deload week is a week you de-load, or decrease your load. A workout has 3 real variables: volume, frequency, and load. Load is the weight you use, so a deload week is a week you use less weight. Traditionally a deload week is 50% of your usual weight and every 4th week. On this week the frequency and volume do not increase, your supposed to let your body rest! There are many opposing views regarding the deload week and I will discuss the arguments and alternatives here. Why? Because I love this...

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HIIT Cardio

EPOC Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC is the amount of extra oxygen you inhale after HARD workout sessions. By hard I mean NOT STEADY STATE CARDIO. EPOC does NOT occur from traditional steady state cardio. At least not a significant amount. Weights and HIIT Cardio are the ways to put yourself in a state of EPOC EPOC is a measurement that indirectly tells us that fat is being oxidized to replace lost ATP and phosphorylated creatine. It’s super complicated and super easy at the same time: ATP and creatine phosphate are molecules used to donate phosphorus atoms to muscle...

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Romanian Deadlifts: Second Best Deadlift

This is my second favorite deadlift.  I like the dumbbell deadlift more but for anything over 180 lbs, the barbell is just easier to deal with.  Super heavy dumbbells are a pain in the ass to rack and unrack but this Icarian Deadlift platform is perfect for romanians. The exercise starts in the top position.  You slide the bar down your legs like you're taking your pants off.  Kind of like a woman assuming doggy style position. Then you imagine dragging your feet back as you slam your hips forward as hard as you can at the same time retracting...

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Mass Building For Hard Gainers

Before we get started let's define skinny. Skinny means “Skin and bones,” Not to be confused with lean, which means low body fat. So a skinny guy is lean but not all lean guys are skinny. Ripped or shredded means you're so lean your muscles look like they are exposed, like your skin was ripped or shredded off your muscles. You can’t be skinny and ripped or shredded, the latter two require muscle mass. If you want more mass you're in the right place! The three controversial body types. Becoming Meso is what male hormones are for. Body Types Ok, not everyone...

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9 Steps to Building a Better Body

Despite being a medical Dr., my standing as an international champion bodybuilder and one who challenges the status quo has allowed me to be uniquely useful to athletes. I am a full-time coach  who specializes in helping people achieve their goals… Especially those who have medical issues like injuries that no one else can help with. Additionally I work specifically in fat loss for those who have tried and failed in all their efforts and past programs. YES, I work with several champion athletes, However I enjoy helping everyone with their fitness needs and challenges. Please feel free to get...

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