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Carb Back Loading

  Carb Back Loading (or CBL) is the brainchild of John Kiefer.  He is a writer for Flex Magazine and has been working on this approach for the past 20 years.  My diet approach example in 9 Steps to Building a Better Body is based on a combination of the Alkaline diet, Paleo diet and CBL diet with a Zone diet approach to Macros.   Basic Concept The basic concept is to consume all your carbohydrates for the day after you lift. George Farah has all his athletes wait for 30 minutes post exercise before they consume carbohydrates. He claims that this allows for the maximum amount of GH...

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Best & Worst Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

Fool Born Every Minute Non-nutritive sweeteners are one of the best dieting tools of the 19th century and of course today.  One of the favorite opinions of the ignorant is that non-nutritive sweeteners are the devil and you're better off with “natural sugar." Natural Sugar: As Accurate a Statement as Dry Water vNatural cane sugar, like in carbonated beverages that claim to be natural sugar, is nothing more than sucrose. Sucrose is just a glucose and a fructose molecule. High fructose corn syrup is just that, fructose and glucose dissolved in water (corn syrup). That's it. The difference is high fructose corn...

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Sea Salt

I prescribe the use of Celtic Sea Salt and this is one of the things people give me the hardest time about.  They think that salt is bad. It is difficult to change their minds because faulty science and misunderstanding of the word salt has plagued humanity with ignorance. All thanks to the government and the media that work together to dumb things down to the point of inaccuracy. Salt  A salt is two or more atoms bound together with an ionic bond.   Table Salt This is NaCl, a Na+ and a Cl- bound together to make a stable...

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Liquid Diet?

  It's a running joke about guys who blend all their food. Chicken and Rice in a blender? Gross! That's what I hear all the time. But, I've refined the process to be less gross. Promise. If you give me a bit of your time I can help all the hard gainers put on size. Since the biggest limiting factor to how big you can get is how much can you eat!And the downfall of getting " too big" is really just getting a big abdomen. And a big abdomen is usualy from the massive amount of slowly digesting food...

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Pre-Workout Snack

  So you want a snack before you workout. Who wrote your diet? There are no snacks only meals! But let’s say you're reading this and new to fitness or you're part of the mainstream culture that has no idea what it’s doing. It’s ok,  I forgive you. In bodybuilding you eat meals; snacks are how people get fat. But if it’s a small meal then in theory it’s a snack to someone who eats a bigger meal. But don't let me catch you telling people you eat snacks! Here is a detailed approach on what to have before your workout...

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